My funds are limited, can I afford to leave out some of the Starlight Steps, and still have a great complexion?

For your skin to reach its full potential and radiance, all Starlight Steps are recommended and considered essential. Without all critical products your skin may see a lessened improvement, although some positive changes should still be noticed.

What versions is the Starlight Skin book available in and where can I purchase it?

Starlight Skin is available in e-book format or paperback. It can be purchased through the link on this website, Amazon, and in-spa at Starlight Med Spa.

Can I incorporate other product brands into my Starlight Steps and still get my best skin?

 The Starlight Skin products are designed to work in perfect synergy with each other and are therefore recommended for your best results, although some products from other brands may yield positive changes if they follow Starlight’s philosophy of 1) having ingredients that are proven to work 2) contain no unnecessary fragrances or dyes 3) do not rate on the comedogenic scale.

You will notice that when searching a product ingredient’s comedogenic rating one by one, that most products available on the market do in fact rate on this scale.

What is the best way to search if a product’s ingredients register on the comedogenic scale?

The “Check Ingredients” tab underneath “Learn More” on this website will show you the ratings for many common ingredients. If the ingredient does not show here, do a simple search engine check of the ingredient, along with the words “comedogenic rating”. If it does rate on the comedogenic scale you should be able to find the number value by doing this.

Exfoliation makes my skin red, sensitive, and irritated. Can I skip this step?

Exfoliation is an essential step for every individual’s ideal skincare regimen. If your skin feels sensitive afterwards it could be because it requires time to build tolerance to the active product, you are exfoliating too aggressively or too frequently, or you have an unknown allergy. Remove the exfoliant until your skin calms and slowly try reintroducing the product into your routine. If it is a liquid exfoliation, you may find applying it diluted on a cotton pad presoaked in water helps reduce irritation. Experiment with multiple exfoliation methods to see which your skin prefers. In any case, consult a physician if irritations or rashes persist.

After using Starlight Skin’s Liquid Glow, I notice mild peeling on my skin’s surface, is this normal?

If mild epidermal flaking is present in the days following your initial use of Liquid Glow, it is likely that you are new to active exfoliants and were in deep need of cell turnover. The flaking that you see could be the result of your dead skin cells being pushed off the surface. Keep the skin hydrated and protect yourself from the sun and UV rays. Do not exfoliate the flaking areas if there are signs of irritation present. Once the peeling process is complete the underlying skin should be of smoother texture, allowing proper product penetration and absorption.

Can I exfoliate with both the Liquid Glow and the Exfoliating Jelly?

Exfoliation is a complexion’s best friend, so switching up the medium to customize your regimen is a smart choice. Many people have the tolerance to exfoliate daily, and up to twice a day, which ensures maximum product absorption and a smooth finish. Using both the Liquid Glow and the Exfoliating Jelly allows you get the best of both worlds with this essential Starlight Step. Use one AM and the other PM.

I live in a cold climate and spend most of my days indoors, can I skip daily SPF?

Be sure to read Starlight Skin, the book, and take the “Starlight Vows” for more details on this answer. The short answer is “NO!”.

I love using products with beautiful fragrances. Since I do not have skin sensitivity can I continue to use these in my regimen?

Any additional fragrance or dye additives that are unnatural or do not contribute a functional effect to a product is one more ingredient that leaves an opportunity to react badly with or counteract the efficacy of another ingredient in any of the products in your regimen steps. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure your best chance of complexion perfection that you avoid fragrant or colored products.

I still break out despite using the recommended products for my skin type and following a perfect regimen. Why is this happening?

This may be happening because your skincare plan is missing important elements, or because it needs some conscious changes. Begin by doing a re-read of the Starlight Skin book and be sure to highlight all relevant information regarding clear skin. Write down these highlighted tips and go through each one to make sure you are truly doing everything that has been recommended. Also keep in mind that positive skin shifts could take time to fully manifest. You must clear your skin with the ideal regimen, treatments, mind state, and lifestyle. All four pillars must be included in your transformation.

Can I still use the 5-in-1 Skin Perfecter device to combat aging if I am prone to acne?

If you are prone to breakouts it is recommended that you avoid stimulation of oil glands and existing acne lesions, so should stick with the functions of the Skin Perfecter that will help you obtain clearer skin. These functions include the LED blue light to decrease p.acne bacteria and the cooling setting to decrease breakout inflammation.

To work towards a clearer and more youthful complexion simultaneously use the Starlight Skin products in your regimen as they designed to achieve both outcomes. 

How often do I need to charge my 5-in-1 Skin Perfecter?

It is recommended that you charge your skin wand often to ensure its available use when needed. Refer to the user’s manual you receive alongside your purchased device.

Are there any products I should not use my 5-in-1 Skin Perfecter on top of?

The 5-in-1 Skin Perfecter should not be used to penetrate serums or products with exfoliation properties. This applies to retinoids as well.

What if my 5-in-1 Skin Perfecter gets too hot or gets damaged?

Discontinue use immediately and contact customer support by e-mailing

Can I use the Starlight Skin hydration products if I am acne prone?

Absolutely! The Starlight Skin products do not rate on the comedogenic scale, so should not contribute towards increased acne breakouts. Acneic skin is commonly dehydrated and will be in a healthier state if adequate water levels are maintained in the epidermal layers.

Do I need micellar water before cleanser?

Micellar water is the perfect product to remove makeup or conveniently cleanse the skin after a workout session. In other cases, it may not be necessary to use before cleanser.

Can I share my Starlight Skin products with my Mother and Grandmother who have mature, aging skin?

The Starlight Skin products are full of youth promoting and health properties so are recommended for all ages, sexes, and skin types. Share a picture of 3 generations with the Starlight Skin products to social media with the hashtag #jointheglowingskin tribe for a future discount!

I want to incorporate all Starlight serums into my regimen. How do I do this?

Multi layering serums is a great Glow-Getter trick for achieving ultimate radiance. Beginning the serum Starlight Step with the Clearing Complex can help to decrease pore buildup and congestion. Next, the Light Matrix may be used to help create uniformity in the complexion. Finally, the Eternal Glow serum can be applied on top to shower the skin in nutritious hydration, before moving onto the next Starlight Step.

Can the Starlight Skin products be used on areas of my body other than my face?

Absolutely! Glowing is recommended for all areas of the skin! Using the Starlight Skin products on areas of the body where skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris, hyperpigmentation, skin roughness, acne, or dehydration are present is an intelligent choice.

Can the Starlight Skin products be used on my young child?

Young children do not need to exfoliate their skin, as their cell turnover is functioning at its prime, and their skin is comprised of less sub-layers. Therefore, avoid the use of any product containing exfoliating properties or AHAs on your young child. There have been no studies conducted on the safety of The Starlight Skin product line regarding young children, so use at your own risk or after consulting a physician.

I am pregnant, which Starlight Skin products can I use?

High level AHAs, overly stimulating ingredients, and retinols are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. There have been no studies conducted on the safety of pregnant or nursing women using The Starlight Skin product line. Consult a physician to carefully plan your skincare regimen during this special time.

I am young; at which age do I add in the eye cream?

Collagen, elastin, and general skin deterioration begins in the early 20s, and the delicate skin in the undereye area is first to show signs of this. Prevention is more efficient than fixing, so it is therefore recommended that you use a health promoting undereye cream starting at this young age.

Are Starlight Skin products tested on animals?

No! The Starlight Skin company maintains its highest level of ethics regarding animal testing.

I feel irritated after using my new Starlight Skin products, what do I do?

The Starlight Skin line is designed to be effective, so used active ingredients with research proving they make a difference are used. Everyone’s skin is unique, and a small minority may have an intolerance to an ingredient in any product. If you feel this applies to you, discontinue use and gift the wonderful product to a loved one.

In other cases, skin may react because it is not used to receiving the attention it is suddenly getting from these active ingredients. Discontinue use of the product until the reaction subsides and reintroduce the product in small quantities and frequency until skin adapts.

How can I modify or cancel my order?

Please contact for all inquiries regarding placing, modifying, tracking, cancelling, or returning orders. General information may be found under the shipping and returns tab on the main page of this website.